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Capsule Collection - Spring 2020
Capsule Collection - Spring 2020
Capsule Collection - Spring 2020
Capsule Collection - Spring 2020
Capsule Collection - Spring 2020
Capsule Collection - Spring 2020

Capsule Collection - Spring 2020

chore day hoodie

busy in the kitchen hoodie

morning stretch hoodie


fun for everyone hoodie


Los Angeles CA, Spring 2020

A capsule collection showcasing the work of Berlin based, 3D illustrator Max Guther and curated by Creative Director Juan Carlos Obando. The visuals depict hyperreal details of human domestic behavior through a humorous visual commentary about muscle boy’s ethos. The collection calls attention to the outdated ideas of a unilateral view of the perfect body,  nutrition, and the function of fitness. 

Juan Carlos Obando (b.1977). Living and working in Los Angeles, Obando Continually pushes the boundaries between artistic mediums, Obando uses his RTW namesake collection as a platform to exercise other creative outputs employing diverse aesthetic strategies, mediums and technology based ideals.

This collection is inspired in parallel with hi! and depicts their inclusive approach to recontextualising protein and the nutrition category as a whole.

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a better way
to protein

Better ingredients

No fillers, no gums, derived from whole foods.


Better for you

Feel energized without any bloating.


Better for the planet

Sustainably built and using 90% less plastic than traditional tubs (oh, and we are fully recyclable).

100% natural

No fillers, no gums, derived from whole foods.


no added sugar

naturally sweeten with just a touch of stevia and monk fruit.


supercharged with cricket

a natural superfood that is our no-so-secret ingredient.

high in fiber

packed with naturally occuring prebiotics.


21g of protein

healthy fule, fills you up without the bloat.


full amino profile

all the anomio acids to supercharge the protein.

Easy to digest
No bloating.

Typical “protein powders" have a lot of hard to digest gums, fillers, and sugars and not a lot of nutrition. We use simple whole food ingredients to:

-Ease digestion
-Reduce bloating
-Support gut health
the new sustainable protein.

Whey protein powders are harsh on the environment and hard to digest.

Plant-based proteins are missing critical nutrients (like vitamin B12).

We discovered a new superfood that doesn’t make you choose between your body or our planet: cricket protein powder.

Have it your way

Mixes easily into any liquid (from water, to oat milk to yogurt).

13 clean ingredients. outstanding benefits.

organic cricket powder, organic pumpkin protein powder, organic brown rice powder, prganic fermented yellow pea protein powder, natural vanilla flavor, psyllium husk powder, dairy free conocnut, organic flaxseed, pink himalayan salt, organic stevia, monk fruit extract, mct powder.

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