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VANITY (front, back)




POOL (front, back)



Los Angeles CA, Summer 2020


A capsule collection showcasing the work of Berlin based, 3D illustrator Max Guther and curated by Creative Director Juan Carlos Obando. The visuals depict hyperreal details of human domestic behavior through a humorous visual commentary about muscle boy’s ethos. The collection calls attention to the outdated ideas of a unilateral view of the perfect body,  nutrition, and the function of fitness. 

Juan Carlos Obando (b.1977). Living and working in Los Angeles, Obando Continually pushes the boundaries between artistic mediums, Obando uses his RTW namesake collection as a platform to exercise other creative outputs employing diverse aesthetic strategies, mediums and technology based ideals.

This collection is inspired in parallel with hi! and depicts their inclusive approach to recontextualising protein and the nutrition category as a whole. See below for their story:

We’re hi! - it’s short for Human Improvement. We’re on a mission to help improve humans’ lives by making it easier to make smart decisions. We’re starting with food, more specifically, we’re starting with protein powder. We wanted to see something better and knew others would too. Our approach is straightforward - make things simple, be good to people and the world we live in and bring some fun to it. We think everything begins with good communication and good products. Some people call that branding. We call it being human.

We’re shaking up the category and celebrating that feeling good should feel fun. We don’t see a grand terminus we’re moving toward. There is no better. There is no worse. There is only improvement and it’s a perpetual state. Our purpose as a company is to make healthy accessible and to celebrate this process in a universally welcoming way. 

ISOTONIC UTOPIAS - 2020 Summer Collection
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