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The cleanest, easiest to digest protein

Build Lean Muscle
Zero Bloating

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22g organic protein

5g healthy fiber

0g added sugar

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Gluten Free

Keto + Paleo

Dairy Free

Organic Protein

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Mix pack • Chocolate + Vanilla

$29.99 8 packets

Each mix pack comes with four servings of vanilla and four servings of chocolate.

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Protein powder designed to help you build lean muscle.

4 protein sources
1g net carbs
All 9 essential amino acids
Easy to digest,
no bloating
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Drink clean, stay lean.

Formulated with 4 organic proteins and 5x digestion support to be the cleanest, easiest to digest protein available.

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Had the pleasure of trying the chocolate protein for my first time & I am honestly impressed. I mixed it with 2% Lactaid Milk, there was a thick creamy texture with no chalky aftertaste. It was filling without upsetting my stomach. One serving has 22g of protein & includes your essential amino acids, as well as vitamins & minerals needed to maintain muscle & nerve function, recovery & energy. The individual packets are ideal for bring on-the-go.

Jess Rose M. Vero Beach, FL

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Finally found the right protein powder

UNREAL. I've use protein powders all my life and this is a game changer. This is my secret hack to staying lean in my mid 50s.

Greg S. Huston, TX

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Great Tasting - Easy on the gut!

I loved this protein powder! Not only did it taste great, it didn’t leave me feeling bloated or gassy. With it being easy on my system my energy levels stay higher and mood is boosted. I will be switching to this protein powder primarily and using it everyday to up my protein intake.

Dylan V. San Diego, CA

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Just try it!

Zero bloat, clean ingredients and actually aids digestion... you won’t be disappointed!

Stef C. Manhattan Beach, CA

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Best protein I've ever used

As a former NAVY Seal I've tried everything. This is the only protein powder that doesn't make me bloated or feel like crap after taking it.

Alex F. Bozman, MT

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The best protein powder

The chocolate flavor is my favorite powder that I’ve tried. I love blending it up with banana and peanut butter. The ingredients are all so amazing as well. Definitely will keep purchasing this!

Rasheen C. New York, NY

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New favorite protein shake

WOW. I order this a couple weeks ago and it came in just a few days ago. It taste so great ! And has been really easy on my stomach which is nice. I have an autoimmune disease that doesn’t let my body process certain things correctly. So having a protein powder that has been easy on my stomach is great.
— just hand mixing it doenst get it mixed very well so I use my coffee frother which works great!

Cynthia Ramos Albany, NY

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More than just protein

4 Organic Proteins

The first ever blend of organic pumpkin, pea, brown rice and cricket protein has a complete amino panel and a diversity of micronutrients.

Functional Superfoods

No gums, fillers, or added sugars. Only functional superfoods like psyllium husk and flaxseed for fiber and gut health + coconut milk and MCTs for energy and mood.

Organic Cricket Protein

The most nutritionally dense, easy to digest, and sustainable protein source in the world. High in prebiotics, vitamins, and minerals Learn more.

Why Human Improvement?


Optimum Whey

4 Protein Sources


Built for Lean Muscle


Gums and Fillers

No Bloating


High in Fiber

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Protect your cells against the unseen toxins and heavy metals in our air, food, and water.

boost immunity

increase energy

improve skin, hair, nails

enhance muslce recovery

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