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Protein powder sucks
(or at least it use to…)

Our journey started when we realized just how bad the experience of using protein powder was.

We hated dipping our hands in to big plastic tubs half-filled with artificial ingredients we couldn’t pronounce.

They all tasted awful and left us feeling bloated and tired.

We were sick and tired of getting our hands messy, morals bent and stomachs hurt by these products but couldn’t find something better in the market.

So we did it ourselves. We threw out the rule book and reimagined protein powder from the ground up to create a better way to protein:

Better ingredients

We used just 13 simple, nutrient packed ingredients and did away with the gums, fillers and added sugars that are in many other protein powders.

Better taste and texture

You’ve never experienced a protein powder this good. Guaranteed to be the best you’ve ever tasted with no more chalky texture.

Better for your gut.

Easy to digest fiber with gut supporting prebiotics. No more bloating or feeling like you need to take a nap after consuming.

Better experience

No more clunky plastic tubs and scoops. Our powders are portioned into the perfect serving in our recyclable packets that use 90% less plastic!

Better for the planet

We’ve introduced the alternative to alternative proteins with a new sustainable superfood. Click here to learn more.

Are we perfect? Heck no - we’re always improving.

To health and happiness,

- Team hi!


Impressive Taste Guarenteed