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hi! human, we see you! and we salute you!

hi! human, we see you!  human, we're excited to see you here. the fact that you're here means you're of the curious sort. and you know what, we reward curiosity - it's one of the most important qualities for improvement.  to reward your curiosity here's $10 off your purchase of hi! simply add the code below at check out and you'll be on your way to improving. CURIOUS10   try vanilla try chocolate

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a better way to protein

A protein powdermade to supportyour gut. We love protein powder - but we hate the way it can make our stomachs feel: on their own, whey and pea isolates can just be brutal on a sensitive stomach. We set out to fix the gut problem with protein powder. Meet hi! - short of Human Improvement - made from organic alternative proteins and packed with fiber and prebiotics, all designed to make a protein powder that was easy to digest.  learn more learn more How'd we do it? It all starts with our holy trinity of "gut boosting" ingredients:    psyllyium husk This magical little powder is jam packed with fiber and does two things remarkably well when it comes to gut health: first, it soaks...

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