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packed with b12, iron
and a guaranteed great taste!
0 added sugar
22g organic protein
healthy gut prebiotics

"The taste is delicious, the nutrients are spot on, but most importantly the ingredients are things I want to put in my body."


"It’s hard to find a protein that’s easy and good to use on a daily basis. As a long time user of Whey, I’ve officially moved over to hi!"

Brandon G.

"I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a protein alternative to whey or soy. This is definitely my new favorite brand!"

Liz J.
impressive taste guaranteed.
impressive taste guaranteed.
impressive taste guaranteed.
oh you're still here?
hi! you look great today!
impressive taste guaranteed.
a blend of sustainably sourced proteins
good for the planet. easy on your gut.
a whole food protein jam-packed with:
vitamin B12
chitin, the gut-boosting nutrient
iron + fiber
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same number of servings.
90% less plastic.
20 recyclable single serve packets.
no scoops.
no tubs.
Recyclable single serve packets. The antidote to powdery hands and endless plastic.
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