A Better Way to Participate: Finding What Works for You in the Health + Wellness Space

A Better Way to Participate: Finding What Works for You in the Health + Wellness Space

Growing up as a competitive dancer, I never had to think about exercise because I was moving for three hours a day, minimum. It wasn’t until I quit dancing that I did a deep dive into the world of macro-counting, weight training, fit tea promoting gurus, and tried my best to keep up. After a few years, I realized that these intense strength training and high impact workouts were exacerbating my old dance injuries. I felt inflamed physically and drained mentally, constantly comparing myself to people on the internet. It didn’t feel good, nor fun.

My college roommate introduced me to Sarah’s Day and it completely changed my outlook on fitness + wellness. Sarah is a preacher of “listening to your body” and doing what makes you FEEL your best. What a concept!! After years of over doing it, I have finally found what works for me by listening to my body. Practicing yoga, hot yoga, doing lightweights, pilates, and going on walks is what makes me feel strong and confident. (I am currently obsessing over Melissa Wood Health).

also listen to my body when it comes to food (which also took years in the making). I think that the diet culture of previous decades has taken new shape in social media, so I am very careful with who I choose to give my attention. Jeannette Ogden of Shut the Kale Up and Kelly Leveque of Be Well By Kelly are two of my favorite nutritionist-types who I find to be super inspiring and encouraging. I’ve found that intuitive eating and knowing what foods my body is intolerant of is everything.

“I am obsessed with Human Improvement’s protein powder because it fuels me without causing inflammation or bloating.”

ORAL OF THE STORY: If you’re struggling to feel YOUR best, block out the noise of others. I recently had a conversation with a close friend who felt the same way towards this industry and it felt so good to know I wasn’t alone. Whatever fitness/wellness/health routine works for someone else, won’t necessarily work for you — and I don’t see this message being preached enough. I believe so firmly that maintaining your health is just as much of a mental practice as it is a physical one.

Feeling good should feel fun. I hope in reading this blog that you know you are not alone in feeling the pressures that can sometimes come with maintaining your health!

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Hi Friends! My name is Natalie and I am a lifestyle editor at The Select 7. I write about all things philanthropy, food, wellness + beauty, travel, fashion, interior design, and social media. I am constantly researching and exposing myself to the latest and greatest within those verticals. I am so honored to be a small part of Human Improvement because I truly believe in this product and its purpose. Hope you enjoy, xx!

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