Sampling… on the internet?

Sampling… on the internet?

When we set out to launch Human Improvement we knew that trial was going to be a big part of the game; after all, we were treading on new territory - a brand forward, wellness disrupting product that used cricket powder as a key ingredient.

Our approach was simple - treat cricket like any other ingredient - explain it but don’t make it the hero. We wanted people making decisions to try hi! based on the nutritional value and what the brand stood for.

But… all of this depended on our ability to share our product with people - we knew that even if we created permission, product experience - namely taste, is the ultimate barrier. No problem we thought - we’d launch tasting experiences and support our wholesale presence with sampling.

With covid those sampling opportunities disappeared. We doubled down on our direct to consumer channels but how do you drive trial over the internet? Well, that’s what we’re figuring out. We’re implementing three key initiatives.

A satisfaction guarantee

    Well, we’ve always had a satisfaction guarantee. It seems only natural and fair. But we’re doubling down on that in covid times.

    Diversifying our sizes.

      We’re launching smaller sizes to give people more flexibility for trying hi! at a lower cost.


        We’re not quite here yet, but one thing we’d love to hear feedback on is should we offer single packets for sale? Or should we offer them for a free trial? What do you think?

          We’re still exploring new ways to help people try hi! We’d love to hear any thoughts and welcome any and all feedback.

          Stay healthy and keep improving.

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