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Cellular Detox Crystals

The most important part of your daily wellness routine. Protect your cells against the unseen toxins and heavy metals in our air, food, and water. Improve your cells, improve your life.

 Scientifically formulated to:

+ Boost immunity
+ Reduce inflamation
+ Improve skin, hair, and nails
+ Enhance muscle recovery and joint health
+ Increase energy

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Cellular Detox Crystals
Cellular Detox Crystals
boost immunity
increase energy
improve skin, hair, nails
enhance muslce recovery
Cellular detox
Flush out the built up toxins and heavy metals and bring in oxygen and nutrients
Better skin, hair, & nails
Increase the production of collagen and keratin and reduce the signs of aging
Boost immunity
Stimulate the production of your body’s most powerful antioxidants
Increased energy
Detoxified cells can use more oxygen provide consistent energy
Enhanced recovery
Restore protein linkages for healtheir joints and faster muscle recovery
Reduce Inflammation
Reduce the oxidative stress that causes inflammation

How to use cellular detox crystals

01 Add 1 tsp crystals
 + 2oz hot water
02 Stir until crystals fully dissolve
03 Take your detox shot 

04 Follow with a glass of water or a piece of fruit

How the cellular detox works

By increasing the permeability of our cells, the Detox Crystals carry in the nutrients and oxygen our cells need to thrive while removing the toxins and heavy metals that pollute our systems down to the cellular level and cause inflammation, illness, and fatigue.

Daily dose of immunity

Our Detox Crystals act as proactive immunity maintenance by supporting the production of our body’s own most powerful antioxidants to fight the free radicals and oxidative stress that weaken our immune system.

Healthier skin, hair, and nails

Our Detox Crystals are a source of organic sulfur, know as “Nature’s Beauty Mineral”, because sulfur containing amino acids are the essential building blocks of collagen and keratin, two of the most important proteins for the growth and health of skin, hair, and nails.

Reduce inflammation and enhance recovery

Help prevent oxidative stress at a cellular level that can cause inflammation and soreness. Inflammation is the root cause of many skin issues, digestive issues, and disease.

They also can help restore protein linkages in muscle tissue leading to improved recovery to get you back out there faster.

Increased energy

Detoxified cells are much more efficient and can utilize more oxygen to increase energy that lasts all day without any jitters or afternoon crash.

In one study, researchers found that the active ingredient in our Detox Crystals daily increased energy levels significantly across a 30 day period.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t love our protein, we’ll refund you.

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Explore our hall of fame for the best
of the blended best, as well as the
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Visit the
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Explore our hall of fame for the best
of the blended best, as well as the
history of the smoothie and its
profound effect on human kind.