Ingredients were always a challenge for us when we were looking for a protein powder we'd love. It was either few ingredients and not enough nutrition or so many ingredients our heads spun. We kept the ingredient list down and the nutrition up all powered by tough set of standards to ensure our partners are treating their workers fairly and are following environmental best practices. Here's what's inside Human Improvement.  

Organic Cricket Powder

The most sustainable, nutrient dense, protein source in the world, jam packed with -  fiber, b12 and iron. We source our cricket powder from the only organic certified cricket farm in North America.

Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein

A powerful protein that’s allergen free, tasty and mineral rich. We source US grown organic pumpkin seed protein, cold pressed processed eliminating the need for for enzymes, solvents or carriers.

Organic Pea Protein

Another great protein booster with a kicker of iron. We use Canadian grown split yellow peas that undergo a fermentation process to ensure it’s easy on your gut. 

Organic Brown Rice Protein

Brown rice protein is HIGHLY digestible which means it’s easy on your gut and your body gets more of its goodness. We source ours from kind folks who focus on  supporting social programs in their community and commit millions of their budget into improving their eco footprint. 

Organic Cocoa

In addition to boosting our dark chocolate flavor, cocoa gives hi! an extra nutrient kick with potassium, fiber, zinc and magnesium. Our partners have been at it since 1911 with sustainability and community at the heart of everything they do.

Psyllium Husk

A natural prebiotic and a healthy dose of fiber with no bloat that also helps you feel full! Our partner uses ethical sourcing practices with full ingredient traceability

Coconut Milk

Coconut helps give hi! that creamy, delicious taste and it’s a great source of healthy fats and boosts gut health! Our coconuts are grown in the Philippines using sustainable business and farming practices that benefit the farmer and planet.


Flaxseed is a healthy fat, prebiotic, gut booster that’s high in omega 3! Fun fact: our partner runs on 100% renewable energy! 


One half of our dynamic sweetener duo that gives hi! a mild sweetness without any calories, sugars or insulin spike.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Our salt source is considered to be the cleanest naturally formed salt and is a great source for electrolytes. our partners source their salt following sustainable and ethical practices.

Monk Fruit

The other side of the sweetener duo, monk fruit is actually a melon and helps hi! taste delicious without any calories, sugars or insulin spike.

Natural Flavors

We add a touch of natural flavor to make sure we’re super delicious. Our flavors are 100% natural and sourced in the US. 

No Gums, Fillers and Sugars.


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