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Berry Seamoss

1 1/2 cups frozen berries 2 heaping spoonfuls of sea moss 1 tsp maca powder, 2 tsp hemp seeds, Coconut water to fill

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Berry-Cherry Smoothie

1 cup unsweetened almond milk 2 tsp hemp or chia seeds (optional) 1 tbsp almond butter ¼-½ tsp ground cinnamon A few drops pure vanilla extract (optional) 1 cup baby spinach ½ cup frozen dark sweet cherries 1½ cups frozen berries of your choice

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Chocolate Cherry Superfood

1/2 cup frozen riced cauliflower 1/2 frozen banana 1/2 cup frozen cherries 1/2 cup of spinach a dash of cinnamon 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds 1 tablespoon almond or cashew butter

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Strawberry Cacao Dream

2 tbsp nut butter 1 small banana 1 1/2 cup strawberries 2 cups almond milk 1 tbsp chia seeds 1 tbsp cacao nibs dash of cinnamon a drizzle of honey

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