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an unconventional approach to nutrition

made from all-natural, nutrient-dense superfoods.
22G of protein for fuel.
Prebiotic rich for gut health.
Iron + B12 for energy.
Chitin for skin and hair health.

Ingredients backed by science not marketing.

hi! threw out the rule book and focused on the science behind food. That led us to cricket powder - one of the most nutrient rich food sources in the world. It’s packed with fiber, protein, vitamins and more. Not to mention it’s good for the environment.


Whole food based.

Have you looked at the ingredients of most powders or shakes? It’s a combination of isolates, gums, fillers sugars and more. hi! uses no fillers or gums, and just a drop of stevia and monk fruit. With just 13 ingredients you can pronounce hi! will fill you up, naturally.


Meet chitin.

Chitin is the super ingredient, you’ve never heard of. Chitin is like collagen in non-mamals - from plants to mollusks to fungi - chitin is a powerhouse fibrous biopolymer containing polysaccharides. It’s great for beating inflammation, promoting a healthy gut and keep your skin looking grat.



hi! uses sustainably sourced ingredients including the mother of all sustainable protein - cricket powder. That means no industrial dairy and a happier planet. Plus their recyclable packets use 90% less plastic than a tub - that is the equivalent to 840 plastic water bottles saved per year by switching to hi!